Construction of a Yurt

The key parts of the yurt are as follows:

  • The khana, or walls. The walls look like giant baby gates; they are criss-crossed lattices that open out or fold flat. Most people build two sections of khana and bolt them together as part of setting the yurt up. Because I’m not quite strong enough to lift half the khana onto my roof rack, I break mine into three pieces.
  • The door frame. The ends of the khana are attached to the door frame in some fashion, usually bolted or tied.
  • The rafters. Rafters notch into the top of the khana at one end and into the roof ring at the other. (Two rafters are designed to sit on top of the door frame.) Any given rafter bears only a small part of the weight.
  • The roof ring. This goes in the center and has slots for rafters to fit into. The fit should be tight to prevent the ring from twisting. Once the ring is in place, you do not need any center supports.
  • The belly bands. Two bands are wrapped around the outside of the khana to prevent the rafters, which are pushing down, from pressing the khana farther open. One band goes around at the top and one midway up the wall.

There are additional pieces, notably the canvas and the rope that holds the cloth walls up, but they are not structural.

If you are local enough to Placerville, Bud will build the yurt for you and bring it to you! Fees do apply.

We service Northern California as our business base. For additional delivery charges we can schedule a yurt in southern California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.  Give us a call we see what we can do.  530-626-5158