Lightweight and versatile yet strong and roomy, our yurts are a great structural alternative to cabins or other traditional dwellings – at a fraction of the cost. Whether for a weekend getaway at the lake, a playhouse for the kids, a temporary shelter during primary home construction, or even a primary residence itself. 

The lattice is 7′ 2″ tall allowing height for a house size door be installed. Ceiling is high pitch allowing stand up height.  Room available for sleeping loft. If a wood burning stove is desired, it should exit out the side so there no interference with the skylight.

How long to set up a yurt?  Camping yurts are portable takes 30 minutes to 3 hours to install. More a permanent yurt will take longer with glass windows, steel door, and semi-permanent floor. 

We are not responsible for building license and code. Please check with your local officials if you are concerned with county license.